Terms & conditions

  • 10% deduction on payments
  • subscriber would be able to participate in the gaming portals after 24 hours of ID Topup
  • Level income payout would be withdrawable weekly i.e every Monday and will get credited to subscribers BTC/blockchain account within 24 hours
  • ID could be Topup via 2 methods
  • 1) Direct from Gameboll wallet.
  • 2) 50% from income wallet + 50% company wallet
  • Acceptence of payment and deliverance of payments will only be in form of BTC/Ethereum
  • If at all the subscriber is unable qualify in the betting portal in 30 days he is free to withdraw his invested amount other than the playing fee of $20.
  • If 100% withdraw is made by the subscriber his ID would be locked automaticaly & will go out of level income.